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Come At Me, Bro!

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Happy New Year! Can you believe we made it? The poor Mayans must be feeling pretty silly right now.  And nine days in, we’re still going strong!

I just wanted to thank you all for reading, commenting, and supporting me on my perilous journey into the world of blogging over this past year. It’s been really fun to share what’s on my heart and happening in my life with all of you. So here’s to another year of random, ridiculous, heartfelt, and hopefully God-honoring posts.

Along with this new year comes new resolutions. Everybody seems to have one of some kind. A couple I’ve heard are run a marathon, get a tattoo, and “whip the bod’ into shape.” (That one’s a direct quote…) Of course, I have one myself. And this year, my resolution is to be braver. Maybe that sounds a bit vague. I don’t mean that I’m now going to become a tough girl who goes around looking for fights. Yes, I am Sicilian; but no, I’m not a mafioso. So allow me to explain and I think you’ll see where I’m headed…

I’ve found myself doing some new, exciting things this year. In particular, leaving the country to visit the third-world nation of Haiti. It certainly required a whole lot of faith and a dash of courage on my part. But it was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. And one thing that stuck with me after getting back to the states is that allowing my own fear or worry to keep me from going would have been a huge mistake. And not only had I enjoyed that first step outside of my everyday world, I was searching for other chances to visit places like Haiti. This movement in my heart got me to thinking about multiple times that I’ve probably allowed my own fear of failure, rejection, etc., to keep me from pursuing the Lord’s will for me with everything I am. How awful would it be to stand in glory one day and have to tell our God that you didn’t reach out to someone because you were nervous that they might turn away? Or that you didn’t run through a door that He opened for you because you were too afraid to try? What kind of excuse is that?

In trying to find this inner strength, I realized that it doesn’t really stem from within myself. It is absolutely a sustaining power that comes from the Lord alone. There’s no way that I could possibly find the courage within myself to say what needs to be said in difficult situations or take action when it’s needed. As much as I’d love to think of myself as fearless, I’m weak. And I desperately need the Lord to be my strength. But thankfully, He’s more than willing to step in and be that for me!

One part of this that really is exciting to me is that I’m at a perfect place to start living this brave, new life. Here I am, a college student, with more time, freedom, and resources at my fingertips than I’ve ever had before and may possibly ever have again. There’s no limit to where the Lord could take me, so why should I limit myself?

I’ve been talking with a lot of “kids my age,” and one of them said something that really struck me. He suggested that God best directs us when we’re moving. If we make a choice that is not what God would have for us, he is more than capable of making that clear. But how can we ask God to use us when we stop, sit on our hands, and refuse to move forward with Him? As much as I would love for the Lord to write out step-by-step instructions for the rest of my life, I think He is more likely going to guide me when I step out in faith with Him.

I hope you all will hold me to living bravely. And maybe you might consider joining me in exploring every opportunity that the Lord might throw our way. It could be terrifying, but it could also be glorifying!