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11 days and counting… We’re on the home stretch towards the beginning of my adventure in Central America. (In my house, we’ve taken to pronouncing it “AM-air-EE-kah…” Hooked on Phonics worked for me!) Guatemala, here I come!

As I’ve hopefully communicated to you all more than once, I will be able to access the internet every so often from the field. So please drop me a line via email, Facebook, or right here! I would love to hear from you all. I promise to do my very best to respond in a timely fashion.

One of the things that will be changing a bit is where I’ll be blogging over the next three months. I’ll be sharing stories, thoughts, struggles, victories, etc., on my Guatemalan team’s blog, You’ll not only be able to keep up with what the Lord is teaching me on this site, but also with the 6 other people on my team. Currently, there are posts from past team members up on the site, which I’ve found to be pretty darn cool. It hasn’t done much to still my restless heart. If anything, the posts I’ve read have only added to my excitement!

Anyhow, I’ll try to give you all a heads up here whenever I post something new there. But you are also given the option to sign up for blog updates in the top left-hand corner of that blog’s homepage. I highly encourage you to do that, too!


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  1. sooo does the new blog thing mean you will be blogging even more than you are now??

  2. rebecca rose red

    wow! time is short,but you are ready. you have no idea how excited i am you are starting this special adventure,the first of many im sure. God himself is adventure. claim it girl.
    all my love and prayers,your geeg

  3. Hi Belle!! Oh my goodness, I cannot believe how this summer has flown by!! I feel SO bad that I have not heretofore (how’s that for a throwback word?) visited with you about your upcoming adventure. I know that God is going to stretch you, challenge you, and just plain wear you out with wonder at how He will provide for you and teach you truths you didn’t know you needed to learn. But I also know that you will be amazing, because I’ve seen you “in action” on a mission trip before, you know. :) By the way, I have not had a chance to visit with you and tell you how many Haitian kids asked me, “Where’s Belle?”…lest you think you were forgotten…you weren’t. When they asked about you, I told them that you were going on a very long mission trip this year, but that you missed them and that you sent your love, because I was sure you would want to do that. Belle, I am praying for you as you finish everything up here and get ready to leave. I’ll definitely go to the new site and sign up so that I can get your updates. Keep that expectant heart for what God has for you, and the flexibility to adjust to whatever each new day brings. I love you and am SO proud of what you’re undertaking. God bless you!!


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